I Am Sixteen And Can't Decide!

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Hey I am going to get a 97' Accord EX but i don't know if i should swap for a JDM H22a or just keep the F22B1 because I found www.f-max.com and they have built and tested turbos for the Accord, T03-04 I think, see for yourself. I want to see what you guys think of my idea , and I want lots of opinions! Of what is the best bet. You can e-mail me directly at erick@techie.com. I want other ideas other than mines.

Thanks everybody!! :worthy:
How do you guys get the money to do swaps at 16? I am 16, and still paying off my car parts I just bought and the car which was only like 2G to me, stolen recovery. Do you guys just get a car from your rents? then get to use daddy's piggy bank to buy stuff? wish it was that easy for me. I have hella mods you could say and i earned them, no one else. Not trying to bash or anything, just asking
i'm glad my parents never spoiled me... (not saying you are but c'mon your 16) it just makes me appreciate what i have..... or maybe i'm in denial and i'm sick of driving a fuckin stock 98 hatch
I'm in the same situation slammed89integra... well sort of. I'm 15 (16 in a few days) and just bought a del sol to mod a week ago. I have enough to do a b16 engine swap but not much more. I got the money to get this far by starting a business last march... I started with only like $300. No money from my parents... I knew a year ago that if I didn't want to drive shit I had to do SOMETHING. Bad part is I need to keep some money at home to keep investing in the business... so even though I have enough to do a swap I can't right now because I need it if I want to keep making money. I'm trying to start a new type of business soon though and if that works as I think it will I should be able to do some serious modding!
I didn't own a car until I was 19. I drove my parents car before that. It was a 91 Civic DX. 6 months after I turned 19 I bought my 93 Integra and I have owned it since. My parents have put a whopping $80 towards that car. (I was broke and needed a part).
what type of business do you do at 16, or is it something you houldn't tell us about
:blink: Hey sorry but I am not rich and I STILL dont have a car yet and I was just plannin on future and I use that word loosely by that I mean years, mods that I might have for the engine and for you guys about the job at sixteen stuff its that I only got like 3200 saved so thats why I was asking if I should keep the F22 or wait a hell of a lot of time for the H22 but the jokes were funny !!! :D But hey today this day I am 17 and look I am empty handed so please dont make fun I am just like some of you with pipe dreams that you struggle to make come true I too want to put my blood in sweat into my car but not literally you know. Well thanks for hearing me out. I have liked your answers anyway.

P.S. Actually Jul 11 my b-day!
I have a job that pay about 14 dollars an hour, actually i pretty much write my own paycheck depending on how well i sell, last weeks check was $605. I make more than my mom in a month usually.

oh and wtf do u sell on ebay.
Having your own car at 16 is no big deal. Fixing up the car is though. I'm only 18 and i work for Classic Courier. I make about $4k a month. Before i build my b16 for my '97 Honda Civic, i'm building a Chevy 383 for my 1952 Ford Customline. Now, that is a difficult thing to do. That's why i haven't been on this board for a few days. I spend most of my time reading articles on www.hotrodders.com. As for the original question posted, go with the H22. I would.

Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Jul 12 2003, 02:14 AM
f-series sucks.

swap it. end of story. if you want boost, boost the h22 when your 17 :)

I'm with B. There are lots of guys out there who'll tell you to mod the SOHC (D- or F-series), but it really isn't worth it. Swap for an H-series.
F22B1 is 145hp. Add a turbocharger on, say you get 75hp. Then you're running 220hp crank. Or get an H22A at 200hp. H22= power all the time. Turbo = waiting for it to spoil, then woo weeeeeee.
Turbo + H22A = Wooo W0000000000
i got an 87 accord when i was 17 and i didnt even buy that.

im 21 now, make a little over a grand a month waitressing yet i have most everything i want. dont get me wrong, theres always more, but overall im happy.

i think its nuts that anyone under 18 has the ability to get what i cant. that shouldnt be allowed, unless theyre doogie houser.
hehe i need a money scam for my h22 tho, i think i got my mom talked into if i ever blow my motor just go ahead and get the h22, i told her, well mom, 2 cams are better than one because it conserves on gas, and the motor will last longer. hehe my mom doesnt know crap about cars so i can feed her what i want...
dude think about a... dohc vtec motor rated at 200hp with more than enought torque to get you movin even in that almost 2 ton vehicle of yours,put it bluntly the f22 sucks! and you still have a few years anyways youll prolly change your mind.