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i finally got a car two months of searching and slapboxing with the insurance company.

i got a 1990 Integra RS with 141k for 2 grand
its kinda ghetto (good old rust) but for the money it was great i will try to get some pics up in the next couple days

(brian, can you post pics that arent on the web???, like from my hard drive??)
no-- must be on a website somewhere....

you can use our gallery... it doesn't work well, but it works enough to get your pic up and spits you back a link to it :)
yeah its pretty nice, needs a little fixing up just $1100 bucks from a mecanic so im doing it all for about 400
carbon metallic brakepads
stock brembo rotors(for fun)
clutchmasters stage 2
new p/s, alt, timing belts

honda badges
Si rims
maybe B20
the gallery is in beta right now.... but is functional from what i can see :) just needs some touching up