i Have a 93 hb

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I have a 93 hb, what is the best i can swap it to? i have decisions on a h22, b18c5, or juz a b18, but if there are better ones i can swap to please tell me
Mostly depends on how much you are willing to spend.

Another is what you are willing to sacrifice.

And another is whether or not you're planning to run turbo or an N/A project.

H22a is cheap + 650 for mounts. But if you want turbo you're going to lose your AC / possibly PS.

c5 is VERY expensive, but probably one of the best N/A applications out there.

c1 is a good motor for boost or N/A, not as fast as the c5 obviously, but more more affordable.

(b18)b1 is good for boost from low compression, and is a fairly cheap swap. Lower starting HP though (142usdm) will make you put more into it to get high end HP numbers... although HP doesn't mean everything. No VTEC overlap..etc..
Originally posted by b16a91crxsi@Dec 29 2002, 03:57 PM
I couldn't begin to tell you what would be the best engine for you but here is a link to let you know what the easiest swaps are for your model.

holy stolen from sport compact car. someone should report them.

the BEST motor for me, is NOT the BEST motor for you.
the best motor is:
A- what fits in your car without too many altercations
B- does or has potential to do what you want your car to do for you.

so again, what do YOU want out of the car?
street racer?
untouchable street/strip car?
daily driver?
POS that just needs a little more nut to pass uphill
iono jus tell me whats the best for 93 hb not to expensive like the b18c5 mayb just a b18c1 or h22 u guyz are experts tell me
If your just trying to cruise around town and upset a couple folks than a B16 siRII is a good choice as well as the B18c1 and b18b1.They are cost effective,decent power out the box and good platforms for build up with no shortage of parts.
'I don't know. Just tell me what's the best for a 93 hb--not too expensive like the B18C5, but maybe just a B18C1 or H22. You guys are experts, so tell me."

Please make an effort.

That said, the best for a 93 hatch is a B18C spec R--regardless of whether it is too expensive, it is the best all motor Honda engine that will go without much effort into a Civic.

If you want another answer, GIVE YOUR BUDGET.
Originally posted by VuDuDuOnU@Jan 1 2003, 03:13 AM
iono jus tell me whats the best for 93 hb not to expensive like the b18c5 mayb just a b18c1 or h22 u guyz are experts tell me

we're the experts? i wouldn't really say experts on my behalf, but thanks for the compliment... it's only a hobby for me

and since you have not listed a budget then i'd say go for the b18c5 or b18c1... either one would be a good platform to start off with, but if your budget is limited stick with a b16... anything you can do to a b18c5 or GSR, you can almost definitely do to the b16

you also have the option of having a shop build you a motor like an LS/VTEC... multiple possibilities in this worl od street racing a professional drag racing