I need a computer nerd!

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Let's see if anyone can help me here...I have a cable modem and a router going to 2 computers, I am the host, but I lag like ass on games and it takes forever to load Internet Explorer. The other computer runs anything on-line like a cable modem should. I have Windows XP, which I don't know shit about. I tried unplugging everything, then turning everything back on--same thing, takes my homepage (hondaswap.com :D ) forever to load. Any suggestions?
put a wing on your computer...and paint it primer black. that should help.

seriously though...i heard of something like testing your computer's "ping" value...does that ring any bells? it should tell you whether your connection is slow, i guess. if its not slow, then i guess you need more ram.

also, maybe check Nvidia's website for any known issues with your setup.
when you lag ass on games... are u the server?? or are u talking about when you play games over the internet you lag ass.
maybe the other computer is downloading too much porn and eating up the bandwidth? :)
i think brian is right on this one, defrag the bitch and she should run well the only problem is when you get to the point where you computer lags like a MF you're going to have to defrag for like a day or so.
1.run virus scan
2.adaware for checking spyware
3.check error logs and device manager for problems

do you run zazaa?
No viruses, did the fragmentation thing, it still works when it wants to...sometimes it feels like a cable modem, other times it feels like a 28.8...no pattern to this, and yes, I use Kazaa coz I am a cheap bastard and burn cd's.
when its running slow check kazaa and see if your getting a lot of people downloading off of you ... or if your downloading ... that will kill your bandwidth and make it slow as hell
Latency is most likely the problem.

Games require a low latency connection. Tell us what your ping turnaround times are like.
Have you talked to your ISP about this? If they give you crap about gaming tell them that you are also trying to ssh to a unix machine at work and the high latency is causing the unix machine to drop your connection. They are a better place to start.
What do you mean by "I am the host"? What are you hosting? Dont tell me your running the hub software on your comp you're using. Is it a real router, or a hub?

Or(read too quickly) you're actually hosting the game like paragus sugested. Is this true?