i need help

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hey there my friend is giving me his b18a and i was wondering if it would go in to my civic dx and what i would have to do for wiring if anyone knows and is it obd1 or obd2 i need help i know only b16a2s mostly so any help would be nice
drew im giving u the motor so i have some compitition. yeah dont worry i have no clue about my swap either thats why im posting it. once we get them in then we can actually race with a chance of winning j/p. its all about the driver. peace
5G Civic = OBD1
90 Integra = non-OBD

Have fun getting a non-OBD engine running in your 5G. It's doable, but it's not legal in most places, and you'll have to do some wire conversions.
if you do- the easiest thign to do....

use the block
buy a b18b1 head
buy a hydro tranny

at that point, you might as well have gotten a b18b1... it will cost about the same
didnt you say he was giving it to you.......if not buy something else..... :blink:
drew im prolly gonna sell the b18 for 800 to some dude in va. but ill help u get another one man sorry i need the money for the swap cause im broke, peace ;)
steve man what the hell man you said you wouldnt sell it to anyone else but me. that is some dick shit. ill have most of the money on thursday. so well if you want to fuck me over that is cool. my dad was going to send me the money on thursday but that is cool you do what ever you want but next time dont promise anyone anything
drew i told you if i dont sell my motor for 800 then i cant get the gsr motor cause he needs the money asap. and if i dont get my motor than u dont get mine cause ill still use it. its not even for sure if he will buy it yet. calm down it prolly wont even work out. ur being a dick for not understanding what position im in, ive always wanted to do a swap cause my car sounds bad and is slow as balls. now that i have the chance i will take it and i wanted to give u my old ls/motor cause ur my g dont think im doing this on purpose its just what i had to do for my swap to work out. besides i told you already once i scrap the gsr u can have some things and ill help u find ur motor cause i know mass people with hook ups. just hold on to ur money and we will see if the dude will buy it. sorry dude ;)