I think I'm going to buy an Audi (OPINIONS)

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I'm sick and tired of my beater. Enough where I'm really ready to just get a newer car. I said I was going to buy a newer car a while ago, just never happened.

Now, I just can't take it. The prelude sucks and I'm STILL working on the civic (which has been a long ride, I'm gonna end up selling it when I'm done).

So I'm just wondering what people's opinions on the Audi A4's. It's in my budget, well late 90's early 2000's models. I like the styling and it's plenty fast for a DD.

I know there are a few people on here who either have one or had one. So I want to know what you thought about it.


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Originally posted by sLuShBoXtEgGy@Jun 1 2005, 12:01 PM
i valet. thats a sweet car that comfortable as hell, and you can get on it.
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I used to valet, A4's are peace, but look for an S4 Bi-Turbo, bad ass car right there. I like the previous model A4 as opposed to the new ones though. They look sexier. What kind of prelude do you have? j/w


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90 Prelude S, I'll get 300 bucks for it as a trade in if I'm lucky.

s4-$$$$$, those are out of my budget

1.8T A4 Quattros are like 10k

2.8's are a little less

>1998's I can find for less than 7k


nice cars.
over priced.
$$$ to maintain
gas hogs
black man + a4 + jersey = drug dealer stereo type = you're going to get pulled over like woah. lol


The Trisexual

highly tinted windows with PA plates can solve that

I'd rather pay $100 for a window crank on a nice car than $10 on a piece of shit like my prelude.

I need something nice, newer and reliable. It doesn't have to be an Audi, but I have to like the styling and be about 10k. Oh and I perfer a four door for some reason now.


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they're not that bad....do they come in stick

I'd have to look into that one.


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how bout a vw (cheap audi) ?

you could get a 2k 1.8t jetta/golf for around 10k. easily made faster with a chip.


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i forgot to say I'd also perfer anything that isn't FWD, but I could deal with it.

I found a nice 2k1 Golf, but it's in texas.


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i tend not to buy things from people who have typos in their description. But you gotta love the Megan, rather than Mugen, on ebay.

that's an advantage for a lot of people since a bunch of people are just like that. People like me end up getting a really good deal. Like with the t3/t4 I bought, his auction was vague and had a bunch of typos. I just emailed him asking him about it and he told me. I ended up with a great turbo for less than $100, I pulled it apart but I could have used it the way it was. :)

I think I'll look around some dealers and such today and see what I can find.

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I picked up my 1992 Q45 for 3k. After having this one, I don't think I'll ever own any other large car. For 10k you could probably get a late '90s, but I'd recommend getting a '94-'96.

Look into them - there's a lot to say about them that I don't feel like typing. Suffice it to say that you shouldn't buy a '90-'93 (even though they're the best ones performancewise) because you might have to replace the timing chain guides right off the bat which is a $2k job.

EDIT: All you'll ever need to know about Q45s. http://q45.org