I Want A Good Swap!

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Ok I have a (95 DelSol ) It comes with the STOCK SOHC VTEC!!!!! ;) .
I'm looking for the best swap and I don't want to put more the $3,000 in the swap. SO tell me what you people think I need. Can ya'll give me any website to fine good swaps. OOOOO yeah right now!!!!! With this stock 1.6L I run a 15.00 in the 1/4. I have like header and a cool air-intake. You know the stuff all honda people got on the 1.6L. Thx
B16A siRII JDM 92-95 civic,B16A3 delsol vtec or B16A2 99-00 civic si,both should keep you aroud 3000 after everything is said and done.For a little moe you can pick up a B18C1 gsr (around 3300+shipping)
Originally posted by delsolty@Jan 15 2003, 05:52 PM
[OOOOO yeah right now!!!!! With this stock 1.6L I run a 15.00 in the 1/4. I have like header and a cool air-intake.

BS you run a flat 15 with a stock d16z6 with only cai and a header

about the engine, look at HybridRevolution.com and if you buy from them, say that asmallsol from hondaswap sent you. With a del sol, get the gsr
maybe a gtECH 15.000 or perhaps even a... "my friends car runs a 15.0 on his gtech and mine feels that fast"

i would put up cash money that says you can't break 16.000
yeah my b16'ed rex ran a "13.02" on the gtech... it was snappy but no fuckin low 13, that's why i don't trust those things
I didnt need to know how quickly your car made the quarter mile but I dont care if its true either so I'm just gonna tell you what swap to get. You can get b18c1 (gsr) for 2500$ + about 300$ shipping (to your home) if you talk to the wholesale/group buy people on superhonda.com. I think that is a good deal. ;)
OK your on then you want to put down $300 on it then. COme on with it. You are not going to win.

and my response:
well if you want to do it i'm game. springtime is soon. where do you live? i'm in michigan. i will not accept a scanned time slip. nor will i accept a video of a car making a pass. i'm not an idiot. a d16z6 will never go 15.000 in a del sol with JUST and intake and exhaust.

so come with it.

-- - --

so here is the deal. we go to some 1/4 mile track, not an 1/8 mile... thats probably what you ran a 15 flat on.,.. lol...

then you just hand me 300 after i look at your del sol with just a d16z6 and a header and a cai.

just in case you weren't sure:
look there.. those are actual timeslips and modifications... funny it would take someone else a 75 shot of nitrous to hit 15.07 with a d16z6.

you dont' know what you are talking about.
i'm not calling this guy a liar, i just think its weird sometimes how people always tell their 1/4 mile time and it is in perfect numbers(15.0000) i mean come on and don't tell their MPH's, thats where you catch them in a lie. What was your 1/4MPH anywayz.