i want an ITR header

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ok, ive been watching recent posts and i have gathered that an ITR header is the way to go. now i have an Integra GSR engine swapped into my 1990 CRX Si and the exhaust manifold was customized/modified to fit during the swap. now i want to get the ITR header but im unsure what it will take to get this thing bolted into my car. i think that modifying the ITR header to fit would be a bad idea. i think that the collector end of the header needs to be lengthened (correct me if im wrong) to fit in the CRX and bolt up to the stock position. how can i do this?
you might have to modify your radiator fan, your exhaust will be to small so that will have to be modified too. my buddy had it on his type r and he had to have a test pipe put on and a collector adapter, and it still barely fit in his engine bay. you dont need the test pipe but you will need the collector piece. not sure if it will fit without probs in a crx. sorry if i didnt help any.