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I am getting really sick of dealing with incompetent service/parts guys at Honda/Acura dealers. I am attempting to size a set of Eagle rods for Honda bearings. I know the diameter of the large hole in the rod, and I know the code for the crank rod journals. How do I convert the diameter to a Honda code? I have called 3 Acura dealers, none of them could/would help me.
Rod Large hole diameter
Rod 1: 1.8464"
Rod 2: 1.8480"
Rod 3: 1.8480"
Rod 4: 1.8480"

Rod Journal Codes off the crank:
1: A
2: B
3: B
4: B

I need to size these for bearing, they are the last things that I need to order. I need to get this engine together. Thanks in advance.
They have an article on plastigauging your rod bearings, but it assumes you already have the correct set.
dude- just buy a set of acl bearings. they are like 100 shipped.
comes with mains, rods, and thrust washers.

if you need help locating a set, let me know
That is a great price. Do you trust them? If I give them these numbers can they get me the correct bearings? (I apologize about the noob questions, but this is my first time with aftermarket rods) Thanks for your help.
Personally I have the same f'en problems with these idiots at the dealers too. It's not that they wouldn't help you, it's more like they don't know how to help you. I would agree with pissedoffsol, I've installed them on all my builds and never had any problems not to mention the hassle of plastigauging it. Dealers won't sell it to you if you don't know the codes. But to answer your questions, there's a section in the Honda repair manual that have a table chart for plastiguaging. If you still want to pay for dealer's price, I can give you the codes.
I'm in southern cali., I usually get them through my local machine shop. Never had to special order them before. It is about $100 with everything including the thrust washer.
I don't think I can get these from my local machine shop. They are great guys and they do fantastic work, but it took me 15 minutest to come to the understanding that he didn't know that Honda matches bearings on a per journal basis and I had no idea that domestics use one size bearing for everything and only resize when they cut the crank. Brain gave me a contact, but he has not responded to my email in 3 days. I need these bearings soon. Where can I get ACL bearings online? They don't seem to have a website and summit doesn't carry them. I can't come up with any site that does through google. (I did find some insteresting info on the Mitsu crankwalk problems, I wouldn't buy the first gen Evo that comes here...)
lsvtec, let me know the crank you're using and I'll send you the bearings for $100 shipped. I'm only doing this as a favor. Let me know if you're interested and e-mail me with your shipping info. After you've received them and it's not to your expectation, send it back to me for a full refund 'cuz I can use them anytime. Remember, I don't fuck around with selling bogus shit over the net. Just trying to help out my fellow Honda enthusiasts!
I appreciate the offer. I figured I'd try my machinist that did my balancing and for a change he knew exactly what I was talking about. He is trying to get a hold of his sources, if he can't get them I will let you know. Thanks again.