Im One Lucky Mofo!

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ok, here i go

today, i was taking my car to get inspected to finally get it on the road. my friends dad is doing it for me and lives about 20 mins from my house. my car has no tag light, so im a lil worried about getting pulled over, and when im about half way there, i realize i forgot to put my tags on so i could transport it. so now im paranoid as fuck, and i tell my brother to drive behind me to try and block anyone form seeing that i have not tags. just as my brother pulls behind me, theres a cop in other lane (previously behind my bro). now i think im fucked and im gonna get arrested since i have no tags and the car is neither insured or registered yet. i slow way down, to try and let the cop pass without noticing. then i see him flash his blue lights and put his spotlight on me. hes now directly on the left side of me. so i accept my fate, and start to pull over. but the cop didnt even stop. he jus kept on driving, through the light and didnt even turn around (that i saw). so im jus sitting there and my turn is like 100 ft in front of me so i just go. i take the turn since im mere minutes away from my destination, and luckily i never got pulled over. holy shit i htought i was going to jail. whew. jus thought id share that.