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im new to imports so i would like info on an engine swap for my insight. mounts are not a problem for me ,what i need is legality performance ,wiring delimas etc. the care is already nice, wheels ,paint stereo ,nos, k&n ,etc . starting to have elect probs time for some fun. cant wait for help. was thinking rsx-s set up because i like 6 speed and figuered small mods enough for light car.
this is a new one....

mounts aren't a problem? holy master welder! :worthy:

wires? rip it all out, toss new al back in- its probably the easiest way.
motor? choose... you care tossing everything anyway
fuck an engine ... swap the motor.... upgrade the electric motor to something sick.... electric motors deliver full power on demand no time wasted reving up to working range or any of that shit ... you can have retarded amounts of torque and it would be cool as shit to go to the track and kill V8s with an electric car
not scared of alot , but i dont know alot about the elect. and cant find anyone to do a motor upgrade to work with currant system. i currently do v8 hot rods and am kinda stupid about imports i bought this car when i couldnt find a 70 blazer to do a c5 conversion on.
You'll pretty much want to swap out the entire drivetrain- toss the electrical assist, toss the original engine... I've been talking to several shops about this swap for quite a few months now (hell almost a year) and one shop is going to attempt a K20 into an Insight, and my shop is willing to try a B series...
oh and yeah. . . . happy frame twisting . . .. batman
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Oct 26 2002, 06:38 PM
oh and yeah. . . . happy frame twisting . . .. batman

Frame bracing was in those conversations with the shops I talked to B... :D
i would like to see the K20 in a 5th gen civ
has that been done yet???
yes it has nitrous and it did help alot. i enjoy the effect. if the car has the right variables it is not that slow but it takes some practice to keep the car run ready, charged ,low on fuel empty of weight, did i say light. there is a lot of neons around here with parachutes bolted to the decks those are my favorite targets. it makes for a no loose situation . if i loose they beat an electric car, no braggin rights there. but if i win ,how embaracing you got beat by an elect car. if i want to go faster i have several real sports cars .
If someone can tell me how to post my pictures i will post pics of the graphics and the nos! I am so not a computer guy
they have to be uploaded somewhere online first ... then just click the button that says "img" on the add reply page and it will do it for you
sounds like something that would be very interesting to see.... :huh: But hey a picture is worth 1000 words...