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the battery in an insight weighs an incredible 500lbs or something.

without the battery and with a b-series motor the weight would be around 1700lbs or so...

sooner or later someone will try this...its just a matter of time.
nuke- host the images on - it's free and very easy to use. Then use this code to post the pictures:


Got it?

chet- I've been talking about this with a few shops... I've really been wanting to see this happen too, but I don't have the budget to make it happen myself.
that is one small engine compartment...if i were you i would be looking to put a b series motor in there...another thing is axels, what kind of axels would you put in there, the wiring will probably not be as bad as you think, but it will be a bitch. you may have to fab some sort of shift linkage. that is one hell of a project car.... lose those wheel well covers it will make the car look dope...good luck man.
:huh: Yeah I'm in Houston, my buddy used the car as part of his display at the Import show in Houston (I was out of town so I couldn't go).

This car is my shop "truck" and the paint job (other than the dragon) is for advertising my company Nuclear Designs, that is what's up with the big radiation symbols. Did I mention it was a paint job? Not just a bunch of crappy stickers or vinyl graphics. STICKERS SUCK!!! :spin: