Installed Morosso baffled oil pan (GSR) - two-piece trans bracket?

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Hey everyone.

I just had a Morosso baffled oil pan installed on my JDM GSR swapped '93 del Sol Si (S80 ITR LSD trans). I decided to install this because I had noticed that when I'm at the track, if the oil is a little low and I'm pulling some sustained G's in a corner, the motor will sporadically drop out of VTEC. I needed to keep the oil in the pick-up to keep oil pressure up. Of course I top-up between lapping sessions.

I had the one-piece lower transmission brace on before the new pan was installed but I realize now that this doesn't work with the Morosso pan. From what I read on the Morosso website I need the two-piece lower transmission bracket for a b16a or b18c1.

I'm going to search online for it but thought it ask if anyone knows any details about this part.