Installed Morosso oil pan w Fel-Pro gasket. Now oil pan leaking!?

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Hey everyone.

I recently switched the stock oil pan on my JDM GSR motor (swapped into a '93 del Sol with an S80 ITR trans) to a Morosso baffled oil pan with Fel-Pro oil pan gasket. My usual selection of mechanics that perform aftermarket parts replacements for me were unavailable in the short amount of time that I needed the swap done (track day August 6). I took it to a local mechanic that has done work on my family vehicles since he was available this past Friday August 3.

Now it's the night before the track day and I see that the oil pan is leaking from around the gasket. When I noticed it this evening I wiped the pan clean and left it with a piece of cardboard under. After several hours I see a 3"x3" puddle under the pan. I plan on taking it to the tech this week to have the issue resolved but my track day tomorrow looks to be a possible no-go....

Has anyone experienced a leaky Morosso oil pan or Fel-Pro gasket?

Technically silicone is a no no, gasket prep, lil indian gasket maker (just to make surface sticky) and proper torque sequence is key
Update: I dropped the car off at the shop on the Monday that I was supposed to go to the track. Left a note for the shop owner with details. Got a call the next day. Turns out that it wasn't the oil pan gasket but rather the oil pressure sensor was leaking. Coincidence? Bad luck? The shop owner acknowledged how frustrated I must have been. He's a good guy and an honest owner. Perhaps it was just bad luck... Anyway, he replaced the oil pressure sensor and as of today (one week later) still no leak.