Installing CAI on 2000 Civic HB

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Ok, I am buying a CAI tommrow a brand called "generick" or something like that. I was wondering if anyone has heard of this brand before.

AND also one more thing...

How long does it take to install the intake?
and do i have to remove my bumper to do this??

uh...dont buy it. the only ones worth a damn are AEM, Injen, K&N, Icebox. others have filters which are not engineered well and prolly wont add any power..or very little. you can save money buy just bying the filter from K&N or one of the other companies for about $25-$40 and getting the tube made somewhere.
I agree with rixXxboy. You don't need to spend $200+ on a stupid intake. Get a good filter to go with a no-name pipe. IMHO, it's not worth the $150 for 1/2 hp.
DAM i bought the intake already

ITS not bad though my rpm's are higher and it sounds GREAT after 4500 rpm

THere is no way i am gonna pay like 350 for a AEM CAI
Also my gas pedal feels heavier so it might of increased a small amount of ponies
i think it really has more to do with the filter than the tubing ... the tubes are all pretty similar its the filters that are usually unique to each brand
aem is 179 dude....

makes rpms higher????
are you sure you bought an intake?
I didn't listen to everyone here and I bought a ractive intake and I saw really no difference. Sold it, saved the money and bought an AEM, lets just say big difference. K&N is the best filter but AEM are building there own filters instead of using K&N.
yes, MISTA CIVIC, i believe you are the only member here from the JDM homeland! :) welcome! maybe someone here can hook you up with some USDM parts too