Installing Shocks.....??

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I just bought some KYB AGX shocks for my 91 crx and me and some friends are gonna put them on. I have heard that the rear shocks are a pain to put on because the bolt is welded on. Does anyone know if this is true? And if it is how do I go about doing the installation? I need to know how to remove the bolt, if it will only come off by breaking it or is there some other way? peace. :spin:
when they say welded, its a figure of speach. the control arm bushing bolts always snap.

spray the shit out of it with wd-40 type stuff to loosen it up.

if you do break it, you need to get a new bushing pressed in, so try not to break it. don't put a lot of hammer- torque on it-- nice steady pressure... use a breaker bar for leverage
Thanks, hopefully it all goes smoothly, i am also putting on coilovers the same day, if you have any suggestions to problems that i might have, feel free to let me know. Peace
There is stuff for that problem exspeacially. Its called penetrating oil. Its at autozone,parts stores. I always have that handy. You should get some. Just soak it ,let it set, then kinda feel the bolt. If you know what i mean. You can sorta tell on your own judgement when its going to break. just take your time.
Definatly use penetrating oil the best stuff is PB Blaster you can get it at the parts store, soak the threads then wait a few minutes for it to soak in. If you're still unable to get the bolt out then use a oxyacetlyne torch to heat the bolt, be careful not to burn any lines or bushing. Garunteed to work every time
Welded on means one bolt is welded on the shock, so you don't need two wrenches installing and uninstalling the bolt. Just use an impact wrench. That's what I've always done.
pb blaster has saved my ass this week while removing my engine. it works best if you let it sit over night after you give a good spray.