Integra front end on Civic 92-95

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ok guys i talked to this asian guy that owns a shop, i aint saying nothing about asians, but he told me that i need to get an 2-3 inch extension on my civic for the integra front clip to fit i was just wondering if this was true. look i need some expert advice no bull shitters
this is compleatly unrelated to performance
this has bees asked before
this is a stupid thing to waste money on
this is pretty much :ghey:
this looks like shit ... those ricers will be able to give you all the info you need on making your car slow and look like a flaming pile of shit

The only thing you will need to do is some fender work.Any body shop should be able to get that for u.But y dont u try a 00'SI front instead they look a lot better and all u need is a radiator support and some fender work.
man fuck guys come on i ask a simple question and yall try to dog the shit out of me for something i want i didnt come on here and start talking shit i just wanted a simple question answered. wtf is the point of a fucking forum, to help peeps not to fucking tell them what looks good or not. not ragging on u turboh22hatchie. thanks for the help. oh yeah anf fuck u E_slowsi
honestly. there is a thread regarding this same thing. so a search for integra front end and i bet it'll show up.

we always like to throw our opinion in man... most of us here dig the stock look and whooping the shit out of hatches with integra front ends on them
When the site says Hondaswap, it's swapping engines, not body parts.
This is not performance related, why did you put it in a performance forum? Moving to Misc Tech.
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