Integra Ls Into 92 Prelude?

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Want to swap motors. I have H23 non-vtec automatic in a 92 Prelude Si. Wondering if I can put an Acura Integra LS motor and 5 Speed tranny into the prelude. I'm getting a killer deal on the whole integra (300 bucks) including the kids nos (he flipped it) so that would include the entire drivetrain. LS motor is also non-vtec. Just want to know how difficult it would be, and what parts I would need to switch over. Prompt reply would be nice, I'm supposed to pick the integra up in 5 days. Let me know. Thanks! :D
it will fit but it will cost you a butt load. you will probably need some sort of customs mounts and then shiftlinkage. I do not know of any axels that will fit that to be honest it would probably be cheaper to just get an h22, or an h22 head and have your self a 2.3l VTEC motor. Another option would be boost the h23 a turbo kit could make that thing haul some serious ass. What ever you do you should swap out that auto tranny.
it will be very hard and expensive to make that engine work in a prelude
and even if you did get it to work its gunna be like kicking it in the nuts
the Bseries engines just dont have the Tq to pull around a prelude
Hey, I have some news, I scraped the LS idea. I found a guy at The Drop Shop in New Hampshire that is going to trash my H23, put a newer one (under 70K) with a 5 speed tranny in for 1000, and if I supply the turbo, he will provide the manifold, dp, all the goodies minus an intercooler (no biggie, I can do that myself) for 400 so 1400 in all. My question to this setup is, since I only plan on running max 10psi at the moment (budget constraints) do I need to build the motor? Or can a low mileage H23 take that boost? I have been getting very mixed reviews about this, anything you know about this would be helpful, maybe you've been there done that....I dunno.
Thanks ;)
Oh yeah, I was thinking of getting a Garrett T3 Turbo from a saab 900 intercooled turbo. Low miles, comes w/ oil lines...200 shipped...looks clean and solid? Any opinions...I don't want anything too big, cause I don't really want to have to build the motor if I don't have to

Thanks again
buy the Ls motor and wrecked car for 300.00

then sell the engine, tranny, ecu, ect for major profit. take the money and get the H22 swap. the H23 doesn't have oil sqirters to cool the undersides of the pistons, and a turbo makes the pistons even hotter. the H22 will give you a huge jump in power right off the bat, and later you can run around 10 psi of boost on it's stock internals.
personally i would build up the bottom end a little bit, new rods and pistons at least, but you may not have too... Also if i were you i would check into getting an h22 head after the turbo and have an h23 vtec.