Integra Need Help

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Junior Member
Just got a 88 Integra for 400 and wondered if anyone had any ideas on what to swap into it and any companies that anyone knows of that have a descent amount of parts for it because I'm not turning up what I would like too.
The B16 comes to mind. I have never worked with a Gen 1 Integra so I don't know what kind of issues you would have with mounts etc. You could also look into a 90-91 B18A.
1g integs are tough to deal with -- they're d-series engines, based on the 3g civic platform (duh). you may be able to use the 1g civic mounts from hasport for a b-series swap - otherwise, there are zc swaps that will fit into your bay without new mounts. you may want to contact hasport to ask about that compatibility.