interesting issue right here!!

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hi everyone, i'm new to this honda movement hehe, me and my friends just did a b16a swap into a 94 hatchback, it went all great, it was awesome, until a took it home today, was driving on the freeway, hit a little bump, and all my gauges stopped working just like that...i culd see the speedo, temp, and tac go down, my turn signals stopped working, but everything else seemed fine, i had the srs light on, the brake light still works, everything but the sppedo, the tach, the temp gauge, and the check engine light works.....any ideas anyone??
thanks a lot
Got any more info?

Has your car started since? Hows your battery and charging system? How many volts is your alternator putting out? Is everything properly grounded?
Ya, check the simple things before you get too worried. Something like tightening the battery ground can easily be overlooked in the excitement of firing up that new motor for the first time.