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I have not, but my co-worker has, he had very good luck with them... His only problem with them is that he could not call them everything was done through e-mail, but they were prompt with e-mail responce, and the engine arrived in excellent condition with no broken sensors or anything.
the only problem with them is their shipping policy. They will only ship it to the nearest port and then you have to have fedex or some other company ship it to your door. Another cheap place (have not heard any reviews) is Eric @ Hybrid Revolution .com They have good prices and are US baced. if you do buy from these guys, tell them that asmallsol from Hondaswap sent you.
Does any one know, if there's any other place then Osaka Motors to buy a motor? I live in montreal, and the only place i have seen is Osaka, and i heard not good stuff about them. Anyone knows if US motor seller ship to canada? Or any info on compagnies that sell motor would be good for me. Thanks Alot.

I'm looking for a H22A or H22A Type-S. Or just a H22A and putting Type-S piston in it. :unsure:

Have a nice day :D
not sure if they ship to canada but i am sure they would, just email hybrid revalution (one of the sponsors here) Eric, the owner has a very coustomer freindly bussiness.