tv wiring options

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I'm setting up my guest bedroom tv with a firestick to stream netflix/prime/etc. The house came pre-set up with in-wall wiring in this little nook next to the closet. I threw an adjustable arm mount on it to allow the tv to come out of the hole a bit. But, i had wiring issues as we can see:


The tv usb ports are not powerful enough to power the firestick (it complains and wants to be plugged in to the wall).

The wall is pre-built in with a single power port hidden behind the tv and is recessed. The tv has an l-shaped power plug that won't fit int he recessed outlet and since there's only 1 outlet i need a splitter anyway.


This means the extension cord needs to be a flat plug or it won't fit and must stick out a bit. The tv is on an 'arm' swivel/adjustable mount, so it doesn't need to go flat and is too 'far' away from the bed when it's pushed back anyway so i don't think an inch or two of an adapter sticking out will be an issue.



So, i'm thinking,
move the tripplite protection strip to the floor.
get a 1' cable from the strip into the in-wall outlet behind the console table to bring the power up to the mount female recessed unit.
plug in a short 6" splitter cable for the 2 outlets needed, 1 for the tv itself and 1 for the fire stick.

something like this would do:

Amazon product

but, why bother with the AC to usb adapter? do they make a cable splitter like above where one lead is a usb and the other is regular ac?

Another option I just thought of is using the existing run of the hdmi cables that are in-wall already.
i could plug the firestick in down below to the low end of the hdmi run and hide it behind the table.
it would just dangle there on the floor i guess but wouldn't need a power run up any more.

I would still need an ac adapter power cord as the tv as an L-shaped plug and won't fit in that recessed outlet, so the first option is probably best.

putting the firestick on the floor could work, where is your wifi?

i feel your cable splitter idea may be the best and easiest idea. just run both the TV and firestick from up above.

what about this?

would have to check the wall dims, i dont think it will clear.

Item Dimensions: 2.5*1.9*1.9 INCH

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I'd just do your idea with the little cable splitter off the outlet behind the tv, use some velcro wire wraps to wrap up the power cord for the firestick and tv. Keep it somewhat accessible because sometimes I have to reset my son's firestick for it to work properly. Then run the coax up through the wall, and for grins and giggles, I'd run a cat6 cable up there just in case you end up buying a smart tv one day.

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This tv is smart, but it's old... only has netflix ability to your queue, not the browse. so, kinda useless since i don't really use a queue these days.
pluto is probably the thing i use the most.

I don't think any of those square plugs will fit. something about a square in a round hole...
I agree about the splitter. I also like the thought of using self adhesive Velcro to hide everything behind the television. My dad has a similar set up in his garage. He has more crap behind his television then you'd believe.
I screwed cookie cooling racks into the back of our ikea 3x3 shelving boxes. Then used Velcro to hold the cables and bricks there.
maybe ditch the single receptacle outlet and put in a double outlet with usb?
I would assume they make a box that would still allow you to retain the HDMI cables that are run through the wall, or just hide then in the wall behind a blank face plate, stapled to the stud?

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I don't think there's room for a dual outlet in there without some modifications, so i'd like to avoid that. I'm leaning more towards the hdmi run with a male to male adapter to plug the fire stick into the hdmi cord and leave it all down low.
I might be really missing the boat here but why not plug the powerstrip into the receptacle that has the snorkel tube up top and then mount it all to the back of the TV with zip ties or Velcro or even sheet metal screws? Your mount should be able to give you options on fastening it all and hiding it behind the screen. Hell with as much real estate as that screen takes up you could mount it all to the wall itself and it would be out of sight.
it's really just too big and bluky. don't want it all up there in the air. The tv is only a 40" so it's not that big
Yeah just order some really short extensions/adapters off of Amazon. I'd mount a small box on the wall to hold the electrical mess too- that way you could anchor it to a stud or use enough wall anchors to make it stable, and hold all the mess without it being visible if someone actually sees the box.
Alright, got a short black power cord, and a white multi-outlet plug with 2.4A usb outlets and tucked everything away. nice nice.

gotta say, i like Pluto a lot. I'm totally ditching cable once my promo rate is up.

Looks great. I have a similar setup in the master with a 40". Love these new wall power options with hole cuts. So much better to hide the cables and its just cutting up the drywall.
Looks good.

I'm glad it went well this time around. Those little 3-port power splitters are great, back when I used to travel a lot, I'd keep one in my bag. I've got one behind my TV in the living room and one behind the TV in the basement.