IS H23A1 worth building?

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I have a 94 prelude with a H23A1 engine.

First off, is this engine worth building?
When I say building I mean putting this car into mid to high 12's (no slicks). I've noticed that the H22a has about 60 more hp. Would I be better off putting an entire H22a in my car or can I head swap H22a head on to my block, thus making it a vtec (I assume computer modifications will follow?)?

I'm new to this rice scene so I hope I'm making sense.

Thanks for any input.
Depends on if you want to stay n/a or go turbo.

If you want to stay n/a, swap the H22 head and tranny or just the whole damn engine.

If you want to boost it, stick with the H23 platform.