is mileage important

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im lookin for a b18 or b20. there are some cheap ones but they have 70-100k miles. would this matter if i was replacing the rods and pistons anyway?
i bought one with 80.
if you ar erebuilding it, i wouldn't aorry too too much about it, as long as its mecahnically sound.

what wears down are the rings... and since you are replacing the pistons, new rings will be going on anyway. its the rings that cause lower compression (not overall.. but cly compression test thing).
The rings are not the only things that wears, they wear the fastest. If you are replacing the rings in your motor you should replace the timing belt/water pump unless you know that it has been done recently. The oil pump would be good. Get an ITR oil pump, you don't need it, but extra oil flow is good. Check your main/rod bearings for wear and replace them if nessecary. Replace your thrust washers. Replace all the seals. While you have the bottom end apart why not replace the clutch anf flywheel as well.