Is This Too Far On My Del Sol?

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I bought my first car recently, a 94 Del Sol. I'm finding all this stuff I want to do to it, but now I'm wondering if I shouldn't. It's just an S model with 170k miles already... when reselling I know people trust Honda to last for high miles, but after I'm done will the miles be too much ya think?

First off I need a new antenna, I'm going to do what I saw on a custom Del Sol page and put an Insight euro-look antenna on the rollbar. That means shaving the old antenna base. Then I thought, why not shave the handles while I'm at it.. .I checked and was shocked at how cheap it was. I mean, my car doesn't even have power locks now. I want to put in power locks (really cheap) then shave the handles and install the popper kits. Also, power trunk popper. Total price under $200 so far not including paint. I don't have that much money so I would just go with a premium paint job... nothing custom.

Also mid 3-pc spoiler, euros all around, and a bunch of other stuff.

Most of you would definately know better than me... would you even put money into a 170k car... over 200k by time of sale? Like I said, I know people will pay high for Honda cars with high miles... I just don't know the price drop once you enter twice over
wrong site for this question ... sorry ... this is a performance related site ...
-Here- you will find a list of sites more concerned with image than speed... they will be able / willing to help you
the name of the place is hondaswap hint hint =) B16-18 is calling your name
I say get it but talk them down as much as you can because of the miles
and plan on swaping a engine in it

P.S if the car was treated right reg oil changes timingbelt and other things then it should be fine for many many many more miles just don't dog it

also if you need one I have a great cond engine/trans sitting here at the house its from a 95 and has 139K miles on it with new timing belt, waterpump seals and so on... but thats only if you want to replace it with another stock engine and not a B16-18 or whatever else you would want

euro's - :ghey:
spoiler- :ghey:

this thread sucks
I found a good amplified antenna on ebay for $40 cdn. Its too cold to do any body work right now, so i just removed the old antenna and filled the hole with a tire valve cap ( fits perfectly ) and some black silicone B) . Temporary measure of course but a quick and easy fix.