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for waht its worth, i just had to tell someone! :) this morning on the way to work, i grab some grub at a fast-food drive thru, park out front and eat in the car. im facing a major road, watching the cars go by and lo and behold i see this yellow teg coming down the street. im like..could that be??? sure enough it had the type R stickers :) it got in the left turn lane and i thought it might be coming to the fast food place (carl's jr.), but it didnt :( i dont know how rare these ITRs really are but that is the first one i ever saw (except for one i saw at a car show, and the spoon ITR parked in front of inlinefour).


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He said "i DONT KNOW HOW rare they are". Meaning he hasn't seen many, he thinks maybe they could be.

I have yet to see a true Type R here, but that is because this is Oklahoma and i am not sure anyone even fucking owns one here.


don't get me wrong- they are rare cars. about 2000 in the US per model year vs the del sol's 20k in 1993 alone . . . but most of those have been wrecked.


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Yup. I see ITRs all the time. I see more ITRs than I do Sols, just like B here. Did the yellow one have 5 lugs on the wheels?
Originally posted by Calesta@Feb 13 2003, 06:15 AM
Yup. I see ITRs all the time. I see more ITRs than I do Sols, just like B here. Did the yellow one have 5 lugs on the wheels?

it was moving, so i couldnt see :( hmmm there are tons and tons of integras here but i always check to see is its a type R and this is the first one.

BTW, glad to see you made it through last night mike! :D


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Yup. Last night was ok. I made it... long day though. Today was hell too. I just bought a car though, so it's better now.


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it must be all about the location... there is a total of 2 ITR's within 50 miles of my home and del sol's are a dime a dozen 'round here.


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btw pissedoffsol, there were only 200 per model year shipped to the States
must be alot of you guys from Torrance or something ;)


200, um no.

M.Y. 1997 there was about ~450
M.Y. 1998 there was about ~900
M.Y. 2000 there was about ~1500
M.Y. 2001 there was about ~1500

Canada saw a little less per M.Y.


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i live in SoCal too and i probably see 1 ITR every few months. they're not a common find here in the greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas.

i see more Del Sols than ITRs. :p


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I live in San Francisco and i see ITR's every week, thats not even including the two ITR's my friends have. The only true rare ITR is the white one, i've only seen a few of those but i see yellow and black ones all the time. Both of my friends have JDM conversions and carbon fiber hoods. The yellow one has the mugen bumper with JDM recaros and the JDM steering wheel... it looks hard as f*ck. I got pictures of the yellow one, my friends GSR with a JDM conversion and RSX taillights, my other friends TT Z, and my lil ol' 2nd gen integ if any one wants to see.