jdm h22 overheating/other issues pls help

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Well about a year ago, i purchased a 92' prelude, that has a swapped 95' jdm h22a, its currently(and unfortunately) running on a 94' non-vtec ecu(that has a mysterious chip, in it). As with many used tuners, it has a world of unknown past to it that im trying to work out. My main issue at this moment is that is has a terrible overheating issue. It happens about 20 to 25 minutes into driving or the second time i drive it in one day. When it overheats, i have to do my best to get it moving, so the flow of air can cool it off and when im forced to stop i have to constantly rev it just to get the hot air out of the engine. It has gotten so bad i have resolved to not drive it. I just changed the thermostat only to have it overheat not even five minutes after the replacement. My fans come on, but dont seem to stay on long enough. My next action so far is saving money for the vtec ecu, money is tight, so it has been an issue for me to acquire. My suspicions for it overheating are as follows:

-Incorrect ECU is an obvious answer
-A short ram with tons of leaks(waiting for the arrival of a new cold air intake)
-Lack of Vtec
-Vacuum lines that are disconnected (each time i try to put them in the right place, it messes with my idle and/or kills the engine)
-Inconsistent fans

Im not exactly the most knowledgable in the world of hondas just yet, its my first car, and i love it dearly. Being its my only car, first car, and primary mode of transportation, this issue has caused me a great deal of stress.

If anyone can advise me on what i need to do to fix it, tell me what im overlooking, or can give me a temporary solution to make my car driveable until proper maintainence can be done, it would be greatly appreciated. I am in a dire need of help. Thanks to all.
1.first off get the right ecu.
2.do a radiator flush. look at the coolant see if it nasty.
then go from there if you have already changed the thurmostat, check the fan switch.
99% all your problems are the damn ecu
either chip and tune it, or get the right ecu should be around $120 for your car from a junkyard/egay