Jdm Harness Help!

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Hey all, I have an OBDII JDM harness. I may or may not modify it to be used in my swap which goes down this weekend. My question is that there only seems to be two plugs on the harness. Now, I've inspected it closes and it doesn't appear damaged in anyway and seems to be complete. Where's this third plug? Does it go in the interior of the car? Isnt's there about 74 wires total? Do I need to go hack this plug from a lude somewhere?

WHAT I NEED TO KNOW: Where is the 3rd plug? Do I need to rip this plug out of the interior of a 96 or older accord to match my gauge cluster? I was intending on modifying the JDM harness which isn't that difficult for me(most of you will argue, but don't bother, that's not my problem). I need to know if that 3rd plug that goes into the OBDII ECU is in the interior of the car and not coming from the Engine.

Please help, thank you.
your jdm harness is made for a LHD car. if you want it to work youll have to shorten or lengthen every wire. you should just add the wires you need to your existing harness. it will be ALOT less work in the long run.
ok, I don't think i was quite clear. I need the PLUGS for the ECU, but I don't have/know where it goes, the OBDII plug that I can't find on the JDM Harness....