Jdm Itr Parts And Some Misc Stuff

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JDM ITR LCA's - make offer
JDM 4-dr ITR Strut/spring assembly - make offer

2 civic steelies with 98% tread - make offer

Crane cams hi-6 ignition with external coil - $110

i got a few computer cases, some dont have the side panels etc, but they have a motherboard, powersupply cd rom and some other crap..$10 each

stock 96-98 civic coupe tail lights - $15
stock 96-98 civic ex ecu - $45

6-puc unsprung disc for b-series used but still good $10

hood pins, new in package - $5

aim - jdm appr0ved
email - stephenkrase@hotmail.com


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also for sale

1st gen DA front clips 1400
1st gen EF clips 1450
1999 ITR clip with 24k miles 4250
DA 1 piece headlights 150

pm me for other parts.