JDM motors/swaps For sale

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perhaps you don't remeber this email?

if you would like to run an ad campaign, that's more than encouraged, but we do not allow free-for-all business selling in our classifieds forum.

If you care to advertise, see this page (http://www.hondaswap.com/advertise_index.php), or email me directly and we can work something out.
after you run an ad campaign, we will not hassel you about selling things in the classifieds forum.
you may have seen posts from alljdm doing group buys, etc. that's because he has run an ad campagin with us and plans to run another one soon.

I don't mean to be rude, but this site costs a lot of money to host each month, ad we depend on advertising costs to support it.

Thanks for your understanding "

and your response

Thats more then fair and I understand where you are coming from, If you can give me pricing and such and more info on it I am sure we can work something out so each of us gain something. Thanks for the info and keep up the great site.

please stop trying to advertise for free on our site. we all need to work together to keep things alive here people.


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why cant people post their websites here? your not helping the other members by not allowing people to see other sites.

this will prolly get edited or deleted though so i wont look surprised.
This is a free place for members who have random stuff to get rid of or are looking for.
However, businesses I believe have the cash to front for a 1 month ad deal. After that, i will nto hassel-- ALA Jason@alljdm.com- he bought - and continues to buy- and i let him post away in here.
if raceup wants to post, by all means.

however, these other guys who have emailed me in the past regarding info about advertising, and then contrinue to try to post for free, i won't put up with.
This site costs a lot of money to host.
The site takes a shit load of my time to make, update, keep current, plus everyone else who contributes.

Hopefully you understand this now. If you think it's me whos just holding back from you all learning about these sites who sell random things,
A- make a dontation to us for hosting
B- try google

I don't mean to be a dick, but its how things need to be run to keep running


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thanks, i wish you wouldnt think that i was trying to be a dick or something. i know how much these sites cost and stuff, and i was just wondering because i never understand the difference between advertising and just trying to sell something without advertising on this site.

heh i just wonder what these people who get their posts edited post before there edited because i usually see them after they get edited.

woah that was a wordy and confusing post i just made.
its cool- i know what you meant -- and nice avatar text lol
anyway, they usually say We have X Y and Z motors for $XXXX come on down... we also have manual to auto balh blah.. the usual


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ya someone actually thought i was admin and i know another admin changed my text to n00b, but i changed it back to site admin, lol


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Originally posted by vtecskyline@Oct 9 2002, 08:49 AM
i gotta sr20 for sale for anyone who is interested. it only has 17k on it and has never been sprayed. $6000 firm

Start a new thread with the proper info... even though $6000 is pretty high for one of those.


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going up,..... also to the person that has his sr20 for sale.... please get your own post, and by the way 6000$ is a little steap ppl could by almost 6 of them for that price if its the s13?


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Originally posted by osakamotors@Oct 23 2002, 05:57 AM
going up,..... also to the person that has his sr20 for sale.... please get your own post, and by the way 6000$ is a little steap ppl could by almost 6 of them for that price if its the s13?

get your own post??? wtf???

this isnt even a post at all, just a reminder that osaka motors needs to come with the loot
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