Jdm Or Usdm?jdm Parts Hard To Find?

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hey guys i was wondering if you can help me out here. b18c gsr im going to order soon but iam deciding on jdm or usdm? i know the diffrence between the two, but what about parts to find and mechanical issues. like is every thing the same as in parts just one is j-spec and other is us?

thanks a lot :worthy:
Originally posted by HybridRevolution@Feb 8 2003, 11:20 AM
it depends on what part. some are interchangable.. can you be more specific?

like distributer, alternator, oil filter,just regular tune up shit sorry bout the double message
hum.. oil filter :) yeah their all interchangable.. you have to remember most of JDM stuff's power comes from lack of emissions hardware and compression. Only thing i would question is the dist. but i can't see that being anything diff from USDM.
My friend used a USDM ditributor on an EDM B series,I don't see a difference.