Jdm Or Usdm?jdm Parts Hard To Find?

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hey guys i was wondering if you can help me out here. b18c gsr im going to order soon but iam deciding on jdm or usdm? i know the diffrence between the two, but what about parts to find and mechanical issues. like is every thing the same as in parts just one is j-spec and other is us?

thanks a lot :worthy:
Well 99% of all the parts are interchangable. They are basicly the exact same engine but the JDM version just have a little more agressive piston and intake manifod.
i'm a fan of usdm myself- mostly because you have a record of it. you can run a carfax on it and see where it was when the car was crashed, exact mileage and so on. with jdm, you take a risk- and but a lot of trust into your dealer. but, jdm is usually cheaper, and more readily availble for a lot of motors.

check out out swap section in general info on JDM vs USDM motors. from their, make your own educated decision
if you live in california i would try to get usdm. It saves a lot of work and hassle.