Jdm S Type H22

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my 92 prelude s type with the f22a1 has finally gone under the knife and am swapping in a jdm s type h22. i have heard some different things about what my time is gunna be. All it has is i/h/e. Whatever you gys think would be appreciated just curious. thanks!
glad to hear that. I was just told that i should expect low 15s to high 14s which to me is a huge step up from the dismal f22a1 i had.
Originally posted by BlackJDMdeath@Feb 27 2003, 08:16 PM
ouch. lol... i live in kansas... we dont believe in elevating things :)

:werd: Eastern Oklahoma is the same way. A marble wouldn't roll its so flat here. :)
My stock 93 Lude Vtec ran 14.92's at Sac Raceway, if you use the vtec tranny, and have 30 more horses than mine had..........U do the math!!!
sweet! yea i bought the vtec tranny. aall in all i bought the jdm h22 type s motor long block, ecu,tranny,axles,mounts for 3400 bucks installed. what do ya think?
Well JDMdeath, considering you get the h22a type s for 4400 with everything at hmotorsonline.com, it WAS a good deal. You can get the normal h22a for 2300.