Just cause we changed boards doesn't mean you ...

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i do too. were hangin at 4th..we've been there for a while..makes me wonder how did we got 3rd before?
ya i vote everyday too. we gotta get 1st, i fucking hate superhonda!!!
you don't need to have the pop up to vote man.. jsut click that link.
the pop up is there because its the only way we stay in the top 10... guys people are lazy
just for the record...i vote at least 3 times a day..on 2 different computers, and i know about the 12 hour block period B) its my duty as official post whore :)

BTW, i am on a post whore diet...so i dont get my ass kicked too much :)
Barely anyone voted today. Come on people, there is no way well will pass those Bimbo (as Trinity puts it) sites. If they want girls let them go to playboy, we need to be higher on the Import car site list.
Ok, I have a pop up there for I didnt know about it. what is it anyways??????? I'm a little confused. Can we vote for other web boards?
Originally posted by ASIMO@Oct 2 2002, 06:20 PM
Can we vote for other web boards?

Uhhhh no! lol! Just go there and click on hondaswap everyday!