K24 into an 2002 RSX


i can get a 100k mile type s for 1500
but i have a rolled over 2004 accord, with k24, but judging by the information or misinformation i have read, i think it'd be better to part the accord out
last option is a 100k base motor for 550


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You are right about the clearance issues with the accord K24 and K20A2 top end. CRV will work and so will TSX motors.

For a flip......that 100K for $1500 isn't too bad of a asking price. Expessially if it is complete. You will not need the engine harness, charge harness, TB, and you will have a spare K20A2 top end. Hell.....little drama with CL selling or K20A.org or CRSX.com and you could cut the cost of that 100k motor significantly.

Harness will sell all day long for $200. TB.....$150-200 (complete w/TPS and map), Head.......$600-750

On the low side......thats only $550 +/- out of your pocket (and some busted knuckles)


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hey bro im duing swap on my rsx type s. i got a k24a2 from tsx 04 du i reely need to swap the cross beam? cus i red other forms n they dont said anything about that


Hey brother, I'm doing a motor swap myself. I'm trying to put a K24A2 into my RSX Type S from a 2004 TSX. Do I really need to swap the cross beam? Because I read on other forums and they didn't mention anything about that.

Why do you insist on spelling do "du?" It's the same amount of letters as "do", so is your butchering of the word "duing." Same amount of letters as "doing."

Next time, start your own thread. It's not that hard.


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Start your own thread if you want help. No, I don't. I would have to do what you're doing. Go searching on the forums for some good information. It's really not that hard to weed through bad information.


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i put a k24a1 on my 02 rsx........went right on no problems other than needed kpro tuning new o2 sensor and new injectors

High beam

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What about the tranny if the k24a2 goes into an 02 rsx base can we keep the tranny of do we need to purchase a tsx tranny