Kart Racing!!! YEAH!

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Ok, Thought I would post a few pics of this sport, because so far its as close as I have gotten to racing my honda, But these are legal for this website because they are HONDA Motors on them....So take a few winks at these? Anyone else Race?

This is my baby this is Actualy a yamaha, I run in the yamaha Hvy class:


this is the other one this one is A HONDA, and it runs in the 125 Shifter class:

Few Racing Pics:
Who knows witch one I am??:

me after sliding off the track, they just redid the whole track and it SUCKED!:

Thats enough I think, I got more but they are all basicaly the same....Love racing! :D
that kicks ass, i want i want. but it is another expensive hobby that i dont have cash for, but i could sell my del sol, buy a winter beater, drive it all year around (it feels like winter all year long in michigan) and put all my money into that, that could be an option


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Originally posted by E_SolSi@Nov 7 2002, 04:34 PM
my $1000 toy :)


hehe its even a honda.... and it fits in the trunk of my del sol :)

nw if we could get a 2L bottle of soda in that pic-- for a good idea of just HOW FUCKIGN SMALL that bike is
hahaha! I love pocket rockets! Yeah, I was looking into them hardcore last year, but I figured that I would use it a few times then never again, but I might have to get one to putt around in the spring/summer in downtown Stillwater...yeah! they are $1k still right?? I saw one guy who had like 3 of these in his truck....


i justified it like this ... its fun as hell in any parkinglot your in... and ill actually get real "use" out of it when i go to track events .... F walking the 1/2 mile or so from the staging areas to the viewing areas all day in the hot ass sun... everyone else is riding around on scooters n stuff but this costs less will fit in my trunk and goes just as fast :)


i got the lowest powered one (3.5hp) with no mods done yet and it does 32mph (as clocked by my friend driving next to me :) ) ... there are a bunch of upgrades you can do to them ... the store i got mine from had one modded to 13hp that did 85+mph (fuck that!!!) there are other ones you can get that have some more mods done to them from 7hp about 50mph up to i think 11hp those go 75mph (again i must say fuck that!!)


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once again- you have no idea just HOW small that thing is....