leaky del sol roof

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i was wondering if ne one knew how much it cost to replace all the seals for the roof and what not .
i think its rather expensive... what is leaking?? the sides by the window?? theres a good fix for that shizzy
Majestic Honda sells the roof seals at about $60.00 per side. I think the "what not" is a little cheaper. ;) I'm sure aftermarket is less.
yea thats whats leaking, the sides of the roof right up front by the windshield and the passanger side is starting to leak a little too now...i've been buying this foam wether stripping and putting it on there which kinda stops it for maybe a month i was hoping to find a more perminat solution without breaking the bank
we need to find pixxxieguy or zueke... they both did it to their sol and fixed it no problem.. i dont remember what they did... it was something with masking tape, black silicon or something
If you have the old style seals it might be under warranty. Honda had a recall to replace those seals. go down to your nearest dealer and ask about it. its worth a try for free, right?
I've checked with some Honda places they said it wasn't really a true recall, but at the time they'd replace the seals only if your car was still under the original warranty. From what I've found out they advise to replace the roof latches and seals at the same time and runs about 1k for parts and labor =(