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oh my great god in heaven.. WHHHHHYYYY!!!!!!!!! :wtf:


uhh... :blink:

Um sir, i think you forgot to put a tire on that wheel.

Damn i did not even waste my time to look at everything. That interior is just :tfg: :ghey: :fr: and looks like :moon:
This 1994 Acura Integra LS has everything you can imagine.

Everything except the block of C4 it needs under the seat.
Nice stereo, very impressed with quality of equipment chosen and the way the install LOOKS. However if he truly wanted to be loud, he should use half the woofers, and make the box different. But that car is truly :ghey:
My first thought before i read the title of the auction was "Is that a Sunfire?" Words cannot describe how bad of an abomination that thing is. Why would anyone drop that kind of cash into a show car? I can see that kind of expense if you are shooting for the first Honda into the 6s, but a damn show car???
:fr: :worthy: :puke:

you see the steering wheel cover right "psychotic".....that dumbass has got to be crazy to do something like that to that's begging for help, anybody got a stick of dynamite...... :ph34r:
What I want to know is why there are 11 bids on the thing so far.
he gets an "A" for effort from me...he did an excelent job on the installation of everything, but yeah a lot of it is gay
Originally posted by B18cRfreak@Feb 19 2003, 08:21 AM

that is the cleanest lookin teg ive ever seen  

:bash: :bash: :bash:

That's gotta be the GAYEST teg I've ever seen!!!!

LOL.. i know. thats why i said it.. i soulda said something like
[sarcasm]that is the cleanest..blahblah[/sarcasm]
lol call me crazy but i like the system install (i have a 12 foot audiobahn banner that jumps out at you in the living room in my apartment lol) but it takes some time to make a fiberglass enclosure like that, too bad the guy was too much of a pussy to take the time to sand and paint it, and whats up with the oddball 12 that isnt inverted on the bottom passneger side???

Aside from the install, the car is boo boo.
i like the interior

:puke: :ghey: :woo: :fr: :wtf: :bash: :puke: :ghey: :woo: :fr: :wtf: :bash: :puke: :ghey: :woo: :fr:

LMAO . . . i got owned . . ..
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