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pretty gay. very, very, extremely ricey. 19" rims and bodykits galore. lot of hatches with ls swaps that think they are the shit. that about sums it up!

there are a few cool people, who actually know whats up, driving 11 sec sleepers. wee!


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im from my mom, bust most people are. Currently living in CT where there's either nubes in 4th gen civic dx's with 17s and slammed and think they are fast, or mullets in old ass beaters, or richy rich in their new s4 daddy bought them for high school graduation
in n. Jerzey you see everything....lots of RICE!!!(bastards make us import guys look bad) you see nice hybirds and shyt like that and you also see Muscle cars and newer Muscle also...it's pretty cool...at least everyone doesn't like the same thing around herre...


Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Oct 6 2002, 12:16 AM
im from my mom, bust most people are.

B ... most people are from your mom???? :lol:
first i have two questions... you have a prelude, why the name ivtec???? and whats up with the ebonics dude... calm down... and im the lonely fuck in kansas... w00t w00t or something, right?
i'm from San Francisco, Ca...but at the moment i am in Monterey, Ca. going to school....CSUMB woooohoooo!!!