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Originally posted by BlackJDMdeath@Oct 6 2002, 03:33 AM
first i have two questions... you have a prelude, why the name ivtec???? and whats up with the ebonics dude... calm down... and im the lonely fuck in kansas... w00t w00t or something, right?

iVtec was just short, and it's juss the new technology, nuttin to do with my car...
orginally from MD, moved down to GA, then about 2 months ago i moved to Wussta MA.
California.. Home of the pain in the ass emissions laws.
Originally from Seattle, now I live in Panama City Beach, FL--where the ricers and rednecks live in harmony. :(
ahaaahah. i use to live a couple of hours away from there. i know what you mean :p wait till spring break time.. if you go to daytona. its a fuckin ricefest.
ok i still dont understand the name, but to each their own... i just cant imagine myself with a name like gsrboy or something... when b series gets 0wn3d! lol and P.S. i vote against the mastadon sized 19 inch axis crap... and i give two thumbs up to the spoon sw388 or you can get the rota slipstreams... but you wouldnt wanna be like me, would you? lol
reprezentin CT to the fizzulest yo! . . . werd
the scene out here. . .alot of fast DSMs and VWs and a few guys like me with big plans to reprezent the H to the fizzulest!
arizona, at least its not hot anymore.
Originally posted by khan@Oct 8 2002, 12:48 AM
arizona, at least its not hot anymore.

:werd: it's been nice this past week... we need to get a meet set up or something, i need to get to know some more honda enthusiasts here, and not just ricers
every sat. around 8-9 we meet at the fry's on the NW corner of mill and southern. we go racing from there, my car sucks so i dont race. i just ask questions and shop around for prices
whats up everyone, im in lafayette indiana.... i have seen maybe 1 honda with atleast wheels and exhaust.... everyone else drives gay ass neons and celicas.....