log4j hell

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I patched the hs server on sunday. elastic search was the big open one. nothing else really uses java.

but, we're seeing some python packages at work may have dependency chains all the way back in to the os like cx_oracle to connect to oralce from python may run some cython or jar files behind the chain.... still working on it. ugh.
Doesn’t sound fun. I updated the server app and was done with it… everything else is web based aka someone else’s problem ;)
who else is here with me? ugh
I run literally all of the online learning courses scholastic offers....it's been hell week. My apps are, for the most part, fine. I had maybe 5 to update out of 50+. Problem is, new relic was using log4j, which is on EVERYTHING, and SumoLogic was using log4j....which is on EVERYTHING.
It's been a shitty couple of weeks.