Look Out For Cameros!

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today i was comming home from the mall and i saw someone had gotten pulled over. it was a little bit a way so i couldnt see the car, but it looked like a camero. but when i get closer, i notice that the camero is the cop car and a state trooper steps out! thats just not fair man. they give us some warning. no one is gonna think that the camero behind them is a cop. man that sucks. just warning everyone. it was the first time ive seen it, and i dont know if other places are like that too. :angry:
We have them here but they usually stand out with their paint jobs. At night it's almost impossible to spot one.
ya, here in CA some of the highway patrol now rolls in new z28's they are white with full roll cages inside!!. they also use these new lights on the roof's that are so slim and clear you can barely see them.
Was it marked or undercover? I read an article about how in Pheniox Az they have white undercover commaros and they will just get behind you and turn on there lights. Around here there are alot of undercover cars but you can tell them apart because they are the same old police intercepters just with no light bar, brush gaurd and markings but they still have the same old black grill and black spot lights above the mirrors. I think the whole thing is BS, Cops suck
it was either black or dark blue, i didnt catch it too good. z28 though. definitely undercover
nope, full out police car, has higway patorl just like the reg. cars on the side and the back. but those new damn lights on the roof make it almost impossible to spot them when they are behind you :(
i didnt see anything written on it, its possible though. but it didnt have lights on the roof, it looked like they were right behind the windsheild and rear glass.
ahh, yours are different then ours, thats even more shady, hehe
Yea me and a friend were going to Austin from Corpus at about 120mph(nice open flat stretch) and I looked in the rear view and there was a black dot,within a minute that black dot turned into a THP Iroc.needless to say he wasn't happy.
we've had cops in z28's for along time in BC, along with pickups, SUV's and even minivans. It sucks :angry: , but you eventually can get use to spotting them some of the time.
On one of my past drives from Boulder to Las Cruces (NM), I managed to piss someone in a Pontiac Sunfire? My friend was driving when we passed a long string of cars, and the radar detector went nuts. It turns out that he passed an undercover pontiac. The asshole rode me harder than the kentucky derby for the next 40 miles trying to get me to go faster than 75.
Im also in maryland and just so you know Harber tunnle 95/895 has a mustang that watches over the area also if you go down south theres a few corvettes and camaros and mustangs as with Olds and other cars the RT 4 waysons area has a Olds um not sure what model but its just a normal car that watches over the strip

cops have been doing it for 40 years think about the old hotrod days
as far as today goes I always try to look at the driver not the car
one that you can do is look for anything that stands out on the car I've yet to find a police car that has a dealer tag on it or any stickers they will all have a basic tag with NO FRAME "in maryland it is unlawful to have a tag frame" you CAN NOT cover the maryland up at all if so 50 buck ticket well as far as maryland goes you can't mod your car at all only car in the start of maryland that you can change the exhaust on is a Mustang

lol we've had z28's and vettes for highway patrol in kansas, both of them have full roll cages and are supercharged, they are pretty damn fast, a freind of my moms is a highway patrolman and he took me out for a ride in the camaro he drives for work and omg it was nice but i still wouldnt want to spend the money on something like that.
my LITLE insignificant town just got a new shipment of turbo intrepids, they're all over the highway, and atleast one in every minimall.
We have some black/white camaro z28's.. some are indiglo blue and are unmarked and we have some modified impala's that are "tuned" and they use them for the drug busts on I-40 (just south of here), unmarked also. So you can't really do anything around here, b/c anything can be a cop car.
try dodge durangos f exploders f150s mini vans adn interpids and a shit load of other cars ther are so many under cover cars he your fucked the lights are inside behind the windows and they dont have any exterior mods on them so try to speed in calgary
all you gotta do is memorize what the headlights look like from about 50-100 yards behind you....at daytime and and night.

keep checkin ur rearview every so often

all there is to it