Look What I Won!

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I just bid and WON the auction on this 1990 Acura Integra GS. it's got some work that needs to be done to it but what can you expect. i only paid...err paying $720 for it. anyways, i am SOO happy to be getting a better car...and saying so long SHITTY ESCORT!! i cant wait to start modding it. WOOOOHOOOOOOO!!
holy shit y0. that's fuckin' sick. 90-93 tegs are ill. i'm like all stoked for you... how ghey. well, CONGRADUALTIONS. what are your plans?
thansk all!! i hate the fact its an auto too, but its an Integra and its way better than that POS Ford Escort I got now.

plans (in order):
-getting it to run right...new distributor, timing belt, tune-up and oil change.
-get new CV joints for it
-cat back exhaust...custom bent shit with some kinda muffler because it needs a new exhaust (whats a decent looking one?)
-suspension...coilovers, strut bars...all that stuff
-some minor engine upgrades
-GSR rims
-some exterior stuff

shit i really have no clue really...LOL. i havent fixed up a Honda in like 2 years and i dont know whats good and whats bad...LOL. you all can throw some ideas at me as they all will be written down
Please throw "convert to manual" in that sequence somewhere...hehe B)
sweet deal
interior looks good .... exterior shit is easy

body drop that BIOTCH!!!! :D :lol:
Originally posted by E_SolSi@Apr 7 2003, 11:33 PM
sweet deal
interior looks good .... exterior shit is easy

body drop that BIOTCH!!!! :D :lol:

:werd: :withstupid: and yes.. i have been on his ass to bodydrop that or fuck, i told himto get a mini and bd that beotch..

Its an auto and he is into show scene.. so nothing better
:werd: with an auto... you can drive with one hand, and play with your chick with the other... OR hit up the bags with the other hand. if you're into the show scene or mini truckin scene period an auto is the shizzy!