Need Help with a list of what i would need for my swap..

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I have been doing extensive research looking up information on what i need to prepare for my swap. So far i have a few notations down. But i kind of want to be directed to a more solid direction as to what else i will need for my swap. Below i have listed information about what my project is and what i have gathered so far... If anyone can please help in giving more information i would appreciate it.

1997 Honda Civic CX Hatch. (Nothing added just Stock)

My ideal expense on this project is to get kind of "Bang for your Buck power adder" type deal.

During my research, i found to my liking to go with a B20 Block and a B16 Head.

After some research I found some people advicing what i would need for my swap:

-Motor Mounts
-GSR or Si Transmission
-Axles (i was told could use 94+ Integra or 99-00 Si)
-Harness (May need Specific type of harness but not sure, Conversion?)
-Water Pump from Type R or GSR
-Oil Pump from Type R or GSR

Possible needed changes also i read about were: PCV Valves, Distributor Core, Timing Belt, Plugs, Stock Colling System.

Please help me complete anything missing from my list anyone can advice.

Above all, I am consedering to also add turbo (10-12 psi), But i am not sure, I hear different stories on this. Some people say to rework the sleeves is required and some people say i can do it without working the sleeves just as long as the engine is tuned well. So my question is what kind of tuning would i need as far as engine goes to drive safely without mods to the block?...

Essentially I would like to sit at a 250+ HP range for my car. It will be a daily driver at most. And i dont drive hard, only plan to push it at the track on various occasions.

Again, I would like any feedback on advice and help on all this.. I am hoping i can get alot of headaches eliminated before i start seeing them coming...

Thank You for taking the time to read....