Lost sol

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Well I've given up. I am leaving the honda 4cyl world. I have had enough of being slow. I wish I could say that I have found myself back in the arms of mother mopar but I have found a new love. I am getting a 95 chevy impala SS with a 350 LT1 pushing 260 hp stock. Well this is it (tear). Goodbye and I'll see you on the street.
P.S. anyone wanna buy a 96 del sol???


apparently hes tired of taking corners at any kind of speed too... those things have the turning ability of a fuckin battleship... i'll be laughing my ass off when a stock DX destroys him on a twisty road, or a boosted B/H series makes him look stupid off the line
'95 chevy impala ss: 4,061lb.s / 260hp = 15.6lbs per hp

'89 crx dx with B16a1: 2,048lb.s / 160hp = 12.8lbs per hp

yes! :)
:tfg: if you have the money to buy an impala ss why don't you turbo your sol or actually get a good motor in it. grows some balls and quit being a cheap ass. get out in the garage with that sol and give it some power.


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not to mention HELLO 8 MPG!!!!


just think... when Saddam cuts us off of fuel- I still can get to work and back for about 2 weeks if im conservative on my 10 gallon tank :)

happy walking
Originally posted by NIMO@Dec 23 2002, 03:40 PM
let see, head on collison Impala SS alive, honda dead.

see that is what i dont like about the normal notion of hondas "small, must be unsafe" True back in the early 80's (maybe the 70's) hell yes, hondas were small as hell and even the beetle was bigger than it + you had 1000's of huge boats on the road. Honda has worked extremly hard to make their cars one of the safest. True they are no tank, but they are built extremly strong. My little del Sol has the same crash test ratings as alot of much bigger cars. My dad owns a Mini Cooper S, one of the smallest cars on the road (almost 2 feet less than a mazda Miata) but that thing has one of the highest crash test ratings in the industry (3094282309840293 air bags in that thing) I saw a mini that an suv ran a red and the mini t boned it, the suv fliped over and the mini held up stong (totaled but the passengers where 100% ok)

Plus if everyone had the idea to get the biggest car on the planet, what good does that do, now you are more likely to flip over and now since everything is so huge, size does not give you any advantages
Even though i m havin my own probs. with my del sol theirs no reason to go all domestic u !@#$! .......especially chevy? i mean come on bad bowtie more like bad loser who wants to buy one...


Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Dec 26 2002, 03:32 AM
i've seen many of crashed sols... totally fucked up cars... and the cabin area holds its own in crashes.

they hold together in a crash suprisingly well ...
ive talked to people who have flipped them sliding off the highway at about 80 and they walked away with minor injuries


Not exactly on topic but hey,a friend of mine flipped three preludes of the expressway in Corpus Christi,yes three.Not so much as a scratch.Before you say it yes he is a horrible driver,but still alive thanks to the big H.
girl in my town fell asleep on the interstate and hit a tree going 80 in her sol and walked away.

for him to be trading his sol on an impala he must have the SOHC nonVTEC sol, because my sol is far from slow.
a stock impala is slow as hell and handles like shite
a friend rolled his 93 si 2x while "passing" or so he told the officer...
he and the other passenger didnt even get scratched.
Of course, they were both wearing their seatbelts - a good idea in any car!
if ur trully insistant on leaving the Honda World, why not try a older mustang 5.slow. build them right and they run pretty quick, but not as quick as a Honda/Acura. Impalas= slow junk chevy, beat by honda no matter what you do!