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I have a B16A in my 93 civic. The motor has been turbocharged by a previous owner. Now, the engine is burning oil badly at higher RPMs (above 4000). My friends and I believe that the rings are just shot...what do you thing? I want to hurry and get an LS or B20 bottom end so I can stop putting around like an old man. I'm of course going to use my B16 head. I also need the conversion oil line kit, any advise as to which kit out there is better? I read in another thread that APR Rod bolts would allow me to rev higher than a stock LS or B20...this true? Before I go off buying things I do not need at the moment, what do I NEED to get my car going? Thanks guys!
ok i guess that means you either don't no or more than likely don't care to help. doesn't matter i'm selling the B16 and going to run the B20. This raises another question. I've heard (or read i should say) that the LS head is the exact same as the B20 head. The B20 has an 84mm combusion chamber right? then does the LS have the same 84mm chamber or is it 81mm to match the bore?

If the LS is actually a smaller combustion chamber would that not boost compression a little?
If youre just looking to rebuild the B20 then all you need is bearings, rings and machine work. So contact your machinist and find out how much he charges for bore/hone. Rings should cost about $100, I think. Bearings if you go with ACL's are about $100 as well.

I've always used Golden Eagle covnersion kits and an OEM B20 (if doing B20V) headgasket or LS (if doing LSVTEC) headgasket. Some people have not had any issues using GE's headgasket I however was not one of those people. Installer error or what have you I leaked oil between the head and block with GE's gasket. I did not with an "OEM" FelPro gasket.

As far as the question regarding B20/LS heads. If the head is stamped P75 it's the same exact head that's on an LS, it will hava 31mm intake valves and 28mm exhaust valves. If it's stamped P8R then it's not. The P8R has 33mm intake valves and 28mm exhaust valves and the combustion chamber is 84mm.