Ls Turbo Or Ls/vtec Turbo ?

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What im gonna have to say is prolly ls turbo so u dont have vtec to get in the way cuz ull have to tune it differently i beleive.


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ls/vtec/t is more hassle than it's worth I believe. You then have to worry about vtec crossovers, torque curves, and all the differences in the motor.


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Originally posted by lsvtec@Apr 6 2003, 04:05 PM
Tuning an LSVTEC/T is not going to be any different than tuning a GSR/T.

it's still more complicated than tuning an ls/t. And for what advantage? It's alot of money to build an ls/vtec. and for what if your just going to turbo it right after? big budget for more hassle. i'm not saying don't do it if you can, I'm just speaking from what this guy sounds like


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from what i heard ls/vtec is very hard to get working right. If you add a turbo on top of that it gets very complicated. If you looking for a daily driver i would stick with the ls/turbo period.


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That is a big problem with people just trying to put an LSVTEC together without any research. They install a VTEC head on a stock LS bottom and then they get pissed when it fails. They go tell all their friends that the LSVTEC sucks.

Please quit spreading this bullshit. 99.9% of the LSVTEC "horror" stories that are told are the result of someone causing their engine to fail and they just can't admit that their own stupidity lead to the death of the build.

Yes it will be more complex than an LS/T, and more expensive than a GSR/T if he does have the LS block already. But it can be done and is not more difficult than a GSR/T once you get the LSVTEC running.


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Stick with the LS/T. If you can't afford the GSR, stick the V-tec head money into the bottom end of your LS and go big boost. You'll make more power than boosting an LS/V-tec to the limits of it's stock bottom end. If you have to have V-tec, don't be scared of the hype. If you know how to build an engine correctly period, it wont be any more of a hassel than rebuilding anything else. ;)


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if you already have the vtec engine or have the money, i would go with the vtec turbo. but if you want something easier to work with or something just go with the lsturbo.