Ls/turbo Or Ls/vtec

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I have decided to do one of these swaps for my next civic, I want to know which one would be better. Its going to be a daily driver and i would like to be running mid to high 13's I am leaning more towards the ls/turbo. Any help would be awesome thanks for all of your help. For the turbo setup i would like to know what the ideal compression ratio would be because I have know idea thanks again
Why are you even considering an LSVTEC? Do you already own an LS engine? If not then don't bother with an LSVTEC, run a B18C1 instead.
If you're set on LS then definatly LS/T.

The only real reason to go LS/Vtec is that you already have an LS and want to stay NA.
Otherwise the GSR is the cheaper B series Vtec engine of choice.