Luck or Destiny? Project Z back on track.

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Watanabe Whore!!!
Rest In Peace
I highly doubt it will end up a drift car, unless I get more wheels... Its pretty much going to end up on the roadrace track.

For the guages, I'm looking atthe WR34 Nismo guage cluster on Ebay right now, I already got the r34 tranny, driveshaft, and crossmembers. if the driveshaft ends up to short or long, then I'll send it out to get custom made. I'm also planning on getting a new harness from Japan since this one is slightly hacked up, and the Haltech E11V2 will be a simple plug and play. Larger turbo, better header, better intake, larger enjectors, and a huge intercooler, and I should be seeing about 470hp simple and easy.

and it will also end up a week-end cruiser as well.....:D

eBay Motors: Haltech E11v2 ECU PNP RB25DET RB26DETT 300ZX Z32 R32-33 (item 250203576930 end time Dec-01-08 20:55:06 PST)

eBay Motors: Nismo Speedo Meter+Monitor Stagea WC34 RB25DET RB26DETT (item 360104376282 end time Nov-14-08 06:39:32 PST)


Watanabe Whore!!!
Rest In Peace
This is starting to look like it's not from heaven...but maybe I got it to to put me into hell.:(

I think I've been doing 3 full days of research, and I'm finding all kinds of thing thats going to suck a shit load of money out of me. Finding out the the NEO is the best motor, but if I want to push it a little like I want to, it's going to be a cash sucking monster that will make me work harder to pay for.

Most RB's have this nice little flaw that the oil pump "snout" on the crankshaft is designed poorly...over revving, and it shells out the oil pump. A simple collar affixed to the crankshaft and machined down by a machine shop means pulling out the crank. So since the crank is out, might as well get it micro-polished, balanced...etc... $$$$

Then since the pistons will be out, might as well just toss in some fordge pistons and new rings, deck the block and head, new headgasket, replace the bearings, ARP studs and rod a full rebuild.

Then the N1 water pump and N1 oil pump to match the freshly machined crank, balance everything out with the new pistons, get a crank dampner...etc...more $$$$

Then replace the oil pan, weld some baffles in it, have extra bungs welded on it and run an extra oil drainage line from the head to it, then go crazy with an oil catch tanks and crap...and fab up a way for oil to be picked up from the back instead of the stock location from the front...$$$$

Then the intake will have to be replaced with a Greddy side mount intake, a new TB, and larger injectors, and might as well get a new exhaust manifold to flow better and put some huge turbo on to push more air, and snag the tune it...

Then the fabbing to mount the R34 crossmember to the 260Z, then the R34 trany cross member to the Z, and then do the R200 LSD diff swap, and who knows what going to happen with the driveshaft length, and I'll have to get the diff to wheels axles upgraded....more $$$

Plus add the price the full price to fab the car up with a cage, weld a lot of things, prep it for the body kit, install the body kit, paint and body work.....

This could end up a $15-20K build....:(

And I'm going to do it....:ph34r::D

A reliable 500+ hp "fun car" should be worth it and the looks will be worth it. :p