Lucy the dog

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So a couple weeks ago my roommate decided to get a dog. Meet Lucy, a 4 year old shelter dog that's 50lb, and a shepard/beagle mix.

She is the nicest dog that I've ever met. She's obedient, doesn't shit in the house, and just loves people. She has one flaw. The thing flips out when we have to leave her during the day.

She has a thing against blinds. Every set in the house is destroyed. Check out my new $500 leather chair I bought a few weeks ago. It's been reduced to a used chew toy.

After she destroyed the place, we had to crate her during the day. She would have nothing to do with that. She managed to break out of the cage every day we put her in there. We upped the ante every day fortefying the cage with zip ties and quick links, because she was able to literally bend out the bottom of the door and get out.


This is what's left of my roomates bed comforter. She sucked it through the bars of the cage and tore it to shreds.

The most recent episode, we had the cage rienforced with welds, zip ties, and quick links. That didn't stop her. She literally ripped bars off the cage and got out. The poor thing busted several teeth in the process and had to get a $300 surgury to fix them.
have you tried a muzzle along with paw covers?
or a muzzle and leashing her indoors
that dog would've been buried a long time ago.
you have way more patience than i
on a side note I always thought Lucy was the female equivalent of Lucifer.
Just be careful with the zip ties and such. My mom's dog tried to get out of his crate about 2 years ago and got his collar hung up on the latch/something protruding from the gate and she came home and he had strangled himself.

He was a great dog too, but he had that same separation anxiety. He didn't chew like that though. Sounds like you either need to say bye bye to the dog or she needs some training. I bet it's something that could be corrected pretty easily.
dog was most likely abused and definitely never had proper training...
make the decision right now to either put in the effort of properly training the dog (it is not going to be easy), or get rid of the dog

the dog is not ruined yet, but without the effort it will be
yeah you obviously doesnt like to be alone. spend time at the park with her. Introduce her to other pets and people. Also get her some heavy duty chew toys!

she reminds me of my shepard.
Kong ball, done.. my pit is going on 6 months with hers and its still in tact .. she normally tears up toys the first day, this one is nearly indestructable ..

that or keep the dog outside
the blinds are all smashed cause the dog is looking out the window for you
this is severe separation anxiety
watch that the dog doesn't start compulsively licking/chewing on its feet until they're raw

you might also want to try a plastic crate that she can't look out of so easily
that metal crate might be too big for her

if i left my dog out during the day she eats shit
lots of shit
but she's crate trained so during the day she goes in the plastic crate.
the door is metal mesh, but the rest of it just has small holes so she's not enticed by the outside world

if the plastic crate doesn't work just build a plywood box
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This sounds like a job for Cesar Milan! :D

I can't remember specifically, but he has a good separation anxiety episode out there that has some good pointers.
Update: today we left her out of the cage (or what's left of it), and covered up all the furnature with blankets. Got home and she was sitting there with everything still in one piece. I hope she can keep this up.
you could try some sedatives for her too, if it continues. it sounds like a case for cesar the dog whisperer.
you could try some sedatives for her too, if it continues. it sounds like a case for cesar the dog whisperer.

We tried those too. The day she was on sedatives was the day she ripped the welds on the cage and escaped.